Life: a moving target

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target.” – George Fisher

It’s marathon day, only five minutes to go before the start of a grueling 42.2 km. I’ve been training rigorously for this event for the past three months. 25 of my family and friends have come to cheer me on throughout the course. The conditions are ripe for my peak performance… and I want it!

If only…

The weatherman has predicted a steamy 30+ degrees and as the crowd of runners rally towards the start line, we can tell already that it’s gonna be a very hot one.

Running my 3rd marathon in beautiful Quebec City

My competitive strike (and my ego – let’s face it!) is screaming for a ‘personal best’ (PB), but as I feel the heat and hear words of caution from experienced marathon runners all around, I make a sudden decision one minute before the start: I change my target from running a ‘PB’ to simply running well and crossing the finish line.

Sometimes life presents us with external conditions that refrain us from accomplishing our goals and dreams. More often than not, I think these conditions are internal to us (e.g. our motivation, health, etc.).

I know I tend to put pressure on myself to perform, so I need to remember that life is a moving target – at home like at work. What matters most isn’t the goal itself, but the journey we go through in achieving it. It is that that teaches us lessons and enriches us. If I’m humble, flexible, authentic and I give my best, I will have all the reasons to be happy, or at least satisfied, with myself – no matter the outcome.

So how I did go in my third marathon? There was no ‘personal best’ (seven minutes short), but I ran well, strong til the end and I was the 15th woman across the finish line! Most of all, I was surrounded by my amazing cheer squad of relatives who were all so proud of me… and oh was I so equally proud of myself and of having them by my side for this very special moment!

Have you ever had a goal that was really important to you, only to realise you had to change it for some reason? How did you react? What did you learn from this experience?

Kim 🙂

12 thoughts on “Life: a moving target

  1. Go Kim go – sounds fantastic and we’re cheering for you.

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  2. Kim you never cease to inspire and amaze me. Great words and advice. So glad the run went well. Can’t wait to catch up when you come home xx

    • Thanks Jo! They say that sharing is caring… So I’ll keep sharing what I learn along the way! Can’t wait to see you too. xx

  3. Stellar effort Kim, and congrats on another thought provoking and well written blog… Looking forward to catching up with you and hearing all about your adventures!

  4. Wonderful post Kim and a very big congratulations on such a fantastic run! What am amazing achievement. Have a wonderful trip.

  5. This is so true Kim, thanks for sharing your wisdom….definitely food for thoughts. Your post made me reflect on my own goals and experiences.
    You are a winner, even if this wasn’t your PB this time round. Congratulations!

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