Vulnerability – friend or foe?

Vulnerable and lonely… or powerful self?

It’s D-day.

Since the day I decided to go on this trip, I have felt thrilled, surprised, zen, invigorated and blessed.

This morning, for the first time, a touch of vulnerability crossed my mind. Loneliness, uncertainty, insecurity…

What am I doing?

Right! Going on an amazing adventure! Luckily, this feeling lasted about two seconds and I was back to my excited self.

I’m sure that I will experience many more vulnerable times like this during my trip. Is this a bad or a good thing?

However scary they are, these moments of vulnerability are often an opportunity to learn and grow. If we can grab them, get a real taste of what they are and where they come from, we can discover a very powerful self that’s thirsty for leadership, challenge and inspiration… in other words, thirsty for life!

So is vulnerability a friend or a foe? If we conquer it, definitely a friend!

Would you agree?

5 thoughts on “Vulnerability – friend or foe?

  1. I definitely agree Kim. We are all vulnerable at times. It’s a very human thing. You can make it work if you rise above it.

    • Thanks Nicola! It’s nice to know at times that what we experience is ‘normal’. 🙂

  2. Definitely agree Kim, wise words. Look forward to reading about your insights and experiences on you travels.😄

  3. Yes I agree with that!!!! Fonce, fonce ma Kim!!! Assouvit ta soif de vie!!!! be careful!!!! we love you!!! xxx

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