I’ve packed my dreams

Example of a dreamboard

I started a ‘dreamboard’ about 18 months ago, after hearing one of those inspirational speakers talking about it (I’ve unfortunately packed my dreamboard up too quickly and didn’t get a chance to take a photo of it first… but here’s a random example on the right). Basically, it’s a big piece of cardboard on which I stick or draw images that illustrate what I would like – both intangible and tangible. The principle is simple: what you put out there, the universe will make happen. Guess what? This absolutely amazing sabbatical I’ve gifted myself with was on my dreamboard…

I had the biggest smile on my lips two weeks ago as I was packing my apartment. I took my dreamboard down, gave it a good look, rolled it and placed it in a box. Finally, I’m living the dream…

Dreams only get worn out when we use them. So we need to work at them, breath into them like a beautiful bouquet of spring flowers, smile and juggle with them, let ourselves be surprised by them! Only then will we get the true flavour of our dreams… and have the chance to dream yet another one!

What are you waiting for? Get dreaming!

6 thoughts on “I’ve packed my dreams

  1. First of all, I love the expression “I’ve packed my dreams”. And the universe will make happen. It’s the best way to advanced in your project. Continue ton beau travail, mais intègre moi dans tes rêves, ah! ah! Je suis breath-taking par ton texte.
    Et vie pleinement chaque minute de ton dreamboard….Passe une belle journée, je t’aime beaucoup xx

  2. c’est tellement vrai que ça fonctionne! J’en ai fais un l’année passé et plus de la moitié des choses que j’avais mis sur mon carton se sont réalisées:)

    Je suis contente pour toi que tu te donnes la chance de vivre tes rêves! XXXXXXX

    • Allo Genevieve! C’est super ca! Tu devrais pense a faire un autre ‘dreamboard’ pour cette annee alors! 😉 En plus, j’ai vraiment du plaisir a faire ca… mon cote artistique ressort! xx

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