Leaders are not generous

Gilles and me

I met a Quebecois (i.e. French Canadian… a family connection) through my travels in Vietnam. With his long silver ponytail, kind heart and a joke always ready to be told, Gilles drives around the crazy streets of Hanoi on his red motorbike. The Vietnamese smile conquered his heart nearly two decades ago and he’s been happily living in the hustle bustle of the capital city ever since.

As we were having a chat and a beer at a local bar, I asked him if he had sold his company (a very large construction company with contracts in various countries around the world) before moving to Vietnam. His answer to me started with a smile and a ‘you won’t believe me’.

The people working in the company when he left had been with him for 20 years… so he gave them the business.

With my eyes wide open and a surprised smile, I told him it was a very generous gesture. It wasn’t generous, he said, just the normal thing to do as the company wasn’t ‘his’… it belonged to the people who had helped building it.

THAT, my friends, is the response of a true leader at heart. Inspiring.

6 thoughts on “Leaders are not generous

  1. That’s awesome and very generous of him. If only more leaders were as generous and recognised the contribution made to the company by their employees. Great example of a leader Kim.

  2. Une bonne leçon de vie!!!! Je suis contente de voir qui a encore de ces personnes sur terre. Incroyable mais vrai…. salut ton ami Gilles de ma part. Bonne route Kim et tiens toujours le chemin jusqu’à ton prochain dreambords, je t’aime beaucoup xx with a big hug!!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Kim, Carole and Nicola – I’m glad you agree with me! There is certainly a lesson or two to learn from him. 🙂

  4. Ok, je dois admettre que Kim a oublié de dire que j’avais aussi une “lam mom” (traduction française, bavard). J’avais aussi le support de ma nouvelle épouse Thuc qui ne cesse de me répéter que “more than enough it’s too much”. La vie nous le rend au centuple et nous en sommes très heureux. C’est un autre grand plaisir que de rencontrer des gens qui viennent me visiter aussi gentils que notre chère Kim. Bonne continuité ma grande. Bisous.

  5. Heureuse de te voir sur mon blogue Gilles. Peu importe les excuses, tu as un grand coeur! Merci pour le tour de motocyclette et les bons conseils de visite (et les fameux bargains!). A bientot… en Australie peut-etre!? 😉

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