United in tears

Memorial for the late king, Preah Vihear (Cambodia)

Memorial for the late king, Preah Vihear (Cambodia)

If the Prime Ministers of our countries were to die (God forbid!), it would create some discussions among people, but our daily lives would remain the same.

Sihanouk, Cambodia’s adored ex-King and idealised leader, died a week ago, bringing about seven days of mourning throughout the nation. Bars were forbidden to play music, people wore the black ribbon and, no doubt, countless tears were shed.

Last night, as the seven-day grieving process reached its end, the nation looked up to the half moon and recognised, in the shadows of the celestial planet, the sad face of Sihanouk the King.

Whether or not he committed acts that were not always in favour of his people, I find it admirable to see a whole country coming together as one behind a man, behind the independance and hope he brought his people.

There are lessons to be learnt for us, independant people of Western societies, in the unity, patriotism and serving mentality of Cambodians and in the leadership of the King that was.

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