Home is…

At the start of my sabbatical, I bought myself a brand new journal. I’m quite picky with my journals… They must not have any lines at all. Life isn’t a series of straight lines predetermined for us. I want to choose my own directions, go up and down and do a u-turn if I so wish to. I found one that was perfect: plain green apple leather bound (colour of life, hope, growth…) with page numbers and a table of content (so handy!) and, most importantly, no lines!

Off on my adventure with my backpack – Sydney airport

I opened the first page, gave my book a title (‘Lead Challenge Inspire’). I then had allocated space to write my name and address. The first one was easy, but when I went to fill out the latter, I had a physical and mental block. I’ve been living in Australia for nine years, so that’s where my address should be. But I’ve left my apartment, given away all keys I once owned and thus abandoned any type of physical address. So I left a blank space…

I had been travelling through Asia for five weeks with still a blank line next to ‘address’, when my grandpa’s most famous saying hit me like a lightning. Whether he is somewhere for five minutes or five years, my grandpa has always said: ‘Home is where I hang my hat’. What a great philosophy to have! To me, it goes beyond the physicality of it. It’s also about being able to adapt and feel comfortable in new situations (e.g. when interacting with new cultures, when starting a new job, etc.).

So I adapted grandpa’s saying to my situation and strangely felt immediately I a deep sense of relief to be able to fill out this blank…

Adress: Where I drop my bag… 🙂

6 thoughts on “Home is…

  1. I have been struggling with that same concept for the last couple of years when filling out customs forms. I really want to fill one out with ‘world nomad’ however I have a feeling they won’t like that!

    • Haha! I like ‘world nomad’! I have a feeling they wouldn’t like ‘where I drop my bag’ either… 😉

  2. Wow kim, ce que tu écris est vraiment très touchant et émouvant. Tu as vraiment une très belle plume et ce même malgré la mauvaise traduction alors en anglais ce doit être époustouflant. Tes paroles me font chaud au coeur et je voulais te dire que si tu as besoin d’une adresse sache que la mienne est toujours la tienne!!!
    Ta soeur xxx

    • Merci beaucoup ma belle soeur d’amour! Je sais que je suis toujours la bienvenue chez toi. Je t’aime fort! xx

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