Everything happens for a reason

Being sick in Muang Ngoi (Laos)... not a bad place to be!

Being sick in Muang Ngoi (Laos)… not a bad place to be!

Going up the Nam Ou river in far north Laos this morning, I was pondering about the fact that ‘everything happens for a reason’. Those who know me well will have heard me say these words so many times before. This trip has only confirmed my belief…

Two days ago, as I was walking through the jungle and up the mountain to Ban Na village near Muang Ngoi, surrounded by hundreds of the most colourful and beautiful butterflies I’ve ever seen (also prone to ADHD it seemed like!), I started getting a headache which developed into fever and later in the day, shivers and diarrhea (not to give too much detail, but just to say I wasn’t feeling at my best!). I had planned to leave by boat the next day (yesterday), but decided to listen to my body and rest (hanging in a hammock by a river surrounded by beautiful mountains… not a bad place to be sick really!).

If I hadn’t done so, not only the boat trip would have been painful, but I would have missed out on a little community’s celebration of Ork Phansaa (end of Buddhist lent), which I had experienced at steroids level in the big sister city, Luang Prabang. The ceremony was humble but genuine, simple but energetic. Two proceedings (prayers) with the seven local monks, one large handmade bamboo boat with hundreds of candles lit after sunset and dozens of kids setting firecrackers off, laughing and shouting. I was happy to be there, happy that my illness (which was by then mostly gone) had retained me in this little village of Muang Ngoi for another 24 hours. ‘Everything happens for a reason…’

And I think again of Vietnam (bare with me, here comes a long story short)… A regretful detour to Dalat (which was rainy, had bad food and bad accommodation!) led to the best bus ride I’ve ever had in South East Asia (Vietnamese AAA class treatment!); which led me to being lost without Vietnamese Dong in Ho Chi Minh City at night; which led a local man to generously pay my ride to the hotel district; where it started pouring like the skies had fallen on our heads (I mean, flooded street in two minutes!); which led a hotel host to chuck me out the side door as I didn’t want to sleep in her hotel and she didn’t want me to use her lobby as rain protection; which led me to meeting a couple who themselves led me to the best little, cheap guesthouse at the end of a little alleyway. Perfect! It’s a long story, but as you can see, everything – good or bad – led to something better… ‘Everything happened for a reason’!

It’s a series of events, sometimes regretful, which leads to the light at the end of a tunnel or, at times, to a dry, warm and comfortable bed for the night!

I’ve been thinking about writing on this topic since the Dalat series of events in Vietnam, but for some reason I hadn’t. Just before I decided to write about it this afternoon, I checked my email to find one from a reader (who’s also a friend of mine) saying that she’s having a difficult time these days and my blog is really helping her to get through this rough patch and to remind her that ‘everything happens for a reason’… Coincidence? 😉

9 thoughts on “Everything happens for a reason

  1. Kim, I too am a true believe of everything happening for a reason as well as people coming into your life weather they stay or go – its for a reason…

    • Hi Kathryn – thanks for dropping by! I could not agree more. I often think about how each person I meet on this trip is contributing to my life… whether that be on a small scale or ‘life changing’ type encounters. Everyone and every situation adds a bit of ‘spice’ to it all! 🙂

  2. It’s true, rien n’arrive pour rien….faut dire que le bon Dieu est toujours avec toi et je prie pour toi tous les soirs, alors mes prières font de l’effet… 😉
    Je voie que tu parles des papillons alors je t’accompagne tous le temps… bonne journée Kim je t’aime xx

    • Merci beaucoup ma belle Carole pour m’inclure dans tes prieres. Je pense a toi fort… entouree de papillons! 😉 xx

  3. Wow Kim! Quelle belle leçon de vie! Ce qui me fascine, c’est comment chaque personne aurait interprété ces situations, et ton interprétation personnelle est fascinante, à elle seule! Comme j’aimerais voyager, parfois! Je te suis discrètement du fond de mon St-Basile downtown, et suis très heureuse de voir que tes pas te mènent là où il le faut, au moment où il le faut! Bravo! Et merci de me permettre de vivre tout ça par intérim!

    • Salut ma belle! Merci de faire un petit tour sur mon blogue! Je suis bien contente d’avoir une lectrice de downtown St-Basile! 🙂 C’est vrai que tout est porte a l’interpretation personnelle et il faut dire qu’il y a des jours plus difficiles ou l’interpretation n’est pas aussi positive qu’elle pourrait l’etre… Mais on dirait qu’en voyage, tout est un peu plus rose! 🙂

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