It’s all in your head!

I came across this great TEDx talk the other day (thanks to inspiring Ritika) about how our mindset is key to achieving success. I’m not referring to the overly simplistic concept of The Secret (‘everything one wants or needs can be satisfied by believing in an outcome’), which with little substance achieved amazing popularity (my personal opinion here!). What Eduardo Briceno, the speaker, explains is the notion of fixed and growth mindsets and the fact that the way we understand our intelligence and abilities deeply impacts our success.

In a nutshell, Eduardo explains both mindsets as follows:

Growth mindset:

  • The brain is the most active when it receives information on how it could do better next time. How can I learn?
  • An effort is seen as a way to grow; it makes us smart
  • Mistakes is part of growth; growth mindset people are perseverant
  • Growth mindset comment: “You must have tried really hard” (focuses on the process)

Fixed mindset:

  • The brain is the most active when it receives information on performance. How am I judged?
  • Loses interest when things get hard; avoid challenges
  • Mistakes is losing; fixed mindset people withdraw to protect their ego
  • Fixed mindset comment: “You must be smart at this” (focuses on fixed quality)

I’m sure we have all at some point in time decided to give up on something because ‘it was all too hard’, ‘we just weren’t built for that’, ‘it wasn’t our natural abilities’… These are all symptoms of fixed mindset which do not promote growth and personal leadership. It’s normal to once in a while cave in and let our fears, laziness or other excuses take over (we’re no super humans), but it’s important to reflect on the causes when this happens and not let them take over our entire lives.

Another great lesson I take from this talk is to remember that the words I choose when I speak to my family, friends and peers can inspire them to aim higher, try harder and develop themselves in the process. That’s very powerful.

Here’s the video if you would like to watch it (a well spent 10 minutes of your life):

3 thoughts on “It’s all in your head!

  1. That’s so great, Kim. It is right that our words impact so much more than ourself and our immediate family. I can see it each days with my children. If I speak with a growing mindset with my oldest, he will act the same way all day long with his younger sister, and so on… It is contagious, and so it is the better evolution tool I’ve found so far, for me and for my loved one… The tricky part is to stay in that mindset in rushing times or stressful events. But it is possible! I just LOVE to read you! Keep up this good work! 😉 I’m waving goodbye at you with a growing mindset popular sentence: “Le mariage, ce voyage!” 😉

  2. And I just LOVE your comments… they are always as inspiring as my own blogs! You’re an amazing mum, woman and friend. Keep it up Mel! 🙂 And thanks for making me laugh with a lovely reminder of that highly popular growing mindset sentence… Good times!

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