When the going gets tough…

Kala Pattar (Nepal) - one of the hardest physical challenges I've conquered

Kala Pattar (Nepal) – one of the hardest physical challenges I’ve conquered

I’ve been back from overseas for nearly 10 weeks now, which has meant trying to return to some sort of routine including getting my level of fitness back to where it was before I left and slightly re-orienting my career. Most of it has been fun and a means to challenge myself and learn.

But it’s not always an easy road…

At times, I’m disappointed of my poor training performance and demotivated towards any form of routine, constraint and stability. This morning, I was rejected by a recruiter. I felt annoyed and demoralised.

But I forged through…

An hour later, I had a phone call from a business contact confirming a very exciting short-term project for me to be involved in.

There is light at the end of the tunnel, for those who wish to push through and see it…

I came across this inspirational video of young Matt Woodrum from America last year. Matt, who has spastic cerebral palsy, decided to run in field day at his school despite the incredible challenge caused by his disability. He is a great example of determination and perseverance.

So next time you feel the going gets tough, remember that the tough can get going… Enjoy the video!

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