What’s your superpower?

My five-year old nephew and his spiderman superpowers (including eating his Nutella toast in a very fashionable way...)

My five-year old nephew and his spiderman superpowers (including eating his Nutella toast in a very fashionable way…)

Whether it was when dancing in our frilly fairy dress, flying around with our red superman cape or posing with our sunglasses that made us invisible, we’ve all had at some point in our lives amazing superpowers. Take my five-year old nephew, for example. He loves spiderman and he is quite a climber too (seriously, I had never seen a five-year old going up a giant rope structure in the playground as fast and confidently as he did!).

But between five and 35, something happens. We lose sight of our internal superheroes and become aware of our faults.

Have we given up on our childhood’s dream to be able to do extraordinary things?

I think it’s time we got our fairy wands, red capes and magic sunglasses out of the coffin and re-conquer our capacity to be amazing.

I want to challenge you to find your superpower. Of course, I don’t mean flying with your own wings or becoming invisible (although if you could do that it’d be pretty cool). I refer to the one thing you have a natural ability to accomplish and is the absolute best at.

There’s something remarkably positive and empowering about seeing your top strength as a superpower. You can use it to make a difference, benefit yourself and others.

So come on. Find your inner superhero and use your superpower like you never have before.

4 thoughts on “What’s your superpower?

  1. Tu soulèves un bonne question sister, pourquoi nous avons perdu notre super héros au fil du temps et nous savons tous comment ils ont été important au cours de notre enfance, je vais penser à ça très fort et essayer de le retrouver!!

  2. Merci pour ton commentaire sister. Tes ‘superpowers’ sont: 1) ta volonte de vouloir faire le bien autour de toi et d’aider les autres et; 2) ton enorme coeur. xx

  3. I like your suggestion to find our ‘superpower’, all too often as you said, we focus on the negatives and not the positives. Great work Kim.

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