Fool or ‘faith-full’?

Nepalese praying flags hung by faithful people.

Nepalese praying flags hung by faithful people.

Can being full of faith just be fool full stop?

My old boss was an eternal optimist. At times I admired his positivity; other times I thought it was crazy. It made me realise that there is a very, very thin line – often invisible to the victim’s own eye – between legitimate, good faith and just plain foolishness.

So how can we know when our healthy dose of faith is on the verge of going sour? How is it possible to realise it’s time to stop believing blindly and start facing reality?

With all my belongings still spread across four houses, no job interviews on the horizon and no “Honey, I’m home!” to light up my nights, I’ve been having my ‘essential to survival’ cup of faith every day… Thanks to which, I still think I’m awesome! But have I become delusional? Isn’t there a danger behind believing that all the things we want will happen simply because we want them to and deserve them?

It made me stop and think about the actions I was taking and whether they warranted such faith. In other words, is my current behaviour helping me to actualise my hopes? Is my doing supporting my being?

If you fear like me you may have delved into coo coo land, here are three simple steps I followed for bringing back the faith into the fool:

1. Consult and listen to those around you

Foolishness is often only invisible to the eye of the fool. If you start hearing similar words of warning from your friends, partners and colleagues, it may be that it’s time to come back to earth. Listen to their comments or advice and move forward.

2. Look at the trends

Statistics don’t lie. If you keep believing that you will land this job or new client or that a dream will come true, yet after multiple tries there’s no sign of getting closer, it may be time to revisit your thoughts and actions.

3. Take tangible, small, realistic steps towards change

What is one step you could do to help you reach what you want (i.e. that thing or thought you have desperate faith in!)? Try to think of something different you haven’t tried before. Make it bold if you dare to, or just go with an easy, small step that still stretches you a little.

Bring a dash of ‘down-to-earth’ thinking into your dreaming and your faith will be as real as you want it to become. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fool or ‘faith-full’?

  1. Glad you still realize you are awesone Kim, because you are!

    Looking forward to hearing about your next role/ project soon!

  2. Good topic Kim! Sometimes we need those around us to act as mirrors to show us how we really appear. Faith alone is one thing, but equally important is doing what is needed to achieve your goals. It’s all connected. Keep remembering you’re awesome and keep taking those steps to take what it yours!

    • Hi Jo, I like your metaphor of a mirror… it’s exactly what it is! Thanks for coming by. 🙂

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