Get a cheer squad

Get a cheer squad! (Here's one I had for the Quebec marathon in August 2012.)

Get a cheer squad! (Here’s one I had for the Quebec marathon in August 2012.)

I’m very blessed to have a couple of people in my life who I consider my mentors. They question me, support me and push me.

I caught up with one of them yesterday. Her name is also Kim. She was initially a business connection and quickly became a friend. Now, every time I see her, I leave inspired, motivated and resourced to do what I need to do in order to be who I want to be. I look up to her and I think, in a way, she looks up to me too.

She’s hard work though… Every time we catch up, I leave with ‘homework’ to do, whether that be building a website, writing a book or launching a new product. But they’re always actions that push me up and forward.

Do you have someone like this in your life? Someone who pulls and pushes, questions and provokes, tells and answers, supports and cheers you on? Someone who sees your true potential and helps you become bigger than your bubble? If not, get onto it – now! Find him or her – better, find many… get a whole cheer squad! They can be a relative or friend whose opinion you respect (and someone who won’t be afraid to rattle your cage a little), a colleague or manager, someone who is where you would like to be or even a professional coach or mentor you pay. I can’t stress enough the benefits of having people like this who help you lead, challenge, inspire your life.

For those of you who have such a person in their lives, I’d love to hear about your experience. You can leave your comments below.

Cheering you on 😉

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