Proud as punch

When can we get the green light to be proud as punch?

When can we get the green light to be proud as punch?

I was standing on a street corner yesterday morning waiting for the pedestrian light to go green. There was so much traffic that the cars with the green light couldn’t drive across the intersection. A man decided to try crossing the street, only to realise at the half way mark that cars were coming the other way. So he stopped there, right in the middle of the street. Then the traffic started moving so the cars waiting on the other side of the lights started driving across. The man looked back at the path where all of us patient pedestrians were still waiting and took only a couple of steps back, just so the cars had room to drive on. He was still about two metres in the street and I could see drivers afraid to hit him. He had that look and posture of someone who doesn’t want to admit he’s made a mistake – too cool for school!

It made me think, at what point does pride stop playing in your favour and become a hindrance in your life? How can you know it’s time to eat your words (or actions) and take that step back?

Can you think of moments when you didn’t admit a mistake or you acted as if you knew what someone else was talking about just to protect your ego? I have certainly done the latter, only to realise further into our talk that I was completely lost in the conversation because I hadn’t had the guts to admit I didn’t understand the concept we were discussing in the first place.

So next time you catch yourself wanting to hide something for fear of losing your face, ask yourself how helpful or hurtful this decision may be. Because being proud as punch can be a good attribute to help you move forward… as long as you don’t get hit!

One thought on “Proud as punch

  1. C’est quelque chose qui a dû arriver à tous… mais j’aime beaucoup la morale …
    as long as you don’t get hit !!! 😉 bonne journée Kim xxx

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