From dating to Facebooking

To befriend or not to befriend?

To befriend or not to befriend?

I went on a blind date a couple of months ago. It went well and as the guy was going overseas for three weeks the following day, we said we’d catch up upon his return. He never called back, but neither did I. So obviously, we had both decided it wasn’t quite right. Then a couple of days ago, out of nowhere, I received a Facebook friend request from him.

Is it just me or there’s a step missing here – between going on one date and becoming Facebook ‘friends’? With the risk of sounding like an old fashioned to the 2.0 fanatics, shouldn’t an actual friendship have started in ‘real life’ before going online? Is there a rule of thumb as to when it is or isn’t appropriate to befriend someone online?

This situation made me question the way we perceive and manage our personal relationships. I often feel social etiquette is going down the drain with technology. Emails and social networks facilitate connections and are an easy quick fix when we don’t have time for a face-to-face catch up, but it’s not the end game and it’s certainly not how strong relationships can be maintained. I am a daily user of social media and emails, but it’s not how I try to create friendships.

So what’s your verdict on this? Are people at times lacking social conscience and judgement when it comes to personal relationships and social media? Or do I just need to move with the times… and accept that Facebook request?

8 thoughts on “From dating to Facebooking

  1. Ça me semble assez compliqué….. mais suit ton instint et je suis certaine que tu auras un bon résultat, je t’aime xxx bonne journée!!

  2. Ouf! Délicat! Ce qui me retiendrait, c’est le côté: “Laisse-moi embarquer dans ta vie privée sans vraiment m’embarquer dans ta vie privée”…

    • Melanie, j’adore ta reflexion! C’est un cote qui me derange aussi… Je reste avec ma decision initiale. 🙂

  3. I am very selective with who I befriend on facebook (I have my own set of rules on this) so I absolutely vote N.O. However, if you kinda liked him, I would maybe send him a message so see what’s behind the friend request. Maybe he’s trying to reconnectbut doesn’t want to be rejected?

    • Lucie, I’m glad to see I’m not the only one being selective with my Facebook friends. Good ‘sneaky’ suggestion there… I think I’ll still ignore the request though. 🙂

  4. I wouldn’t accept the friend request. If you were to accept then isn’t this a sign of how they communicate… Social media is only one form of communicating NOT the only form…

    • I totally agree Sarah. To me, it’s certainly not the primary and initial way to communicate either.

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