When priorities lead to surprises

This is the sort of reaction you get when you decide to fly more than 16,000 km to surprise your family on the other side of the world (it’s my sister in this video)…

I had known for a few months that my sister was going to have her third and last baby at the end of April. So about three months ago, I started asking myself whether I should plan a visit to my family in Canada, most particularly to meet the last addition, my nephew Liam. Timing seemed all wrong: I was in the midst of job hunting, had just returned from a long trip and therefore needed to watch my finances. For about a week, I felt stuck. There, was a dilemma I didn’t know how to tackle.

Then I remembered the most important thing in my life: family. Knowing and remembering this life priority was the lightbulb that helped me make my decision. I was going to fly to Canada. And as I love surprising, I was going to surprise everyone too.

Sometimes, a question as simple as “What do I value most?” can bring the insight needed to move your thinking forward.

Below is another exercise that can be very helpful to identify what areas or priorities need more attention in your life:

What are your life priorities and how satisfied are you with them at the moment?

What are your life priorities and how satisfied are you with them at the moment?

Produce a wheel of life similar to the one on the right. (This is an example only. You might like to add topics to your wheel of life such as spirituality, creativity, fun or other areas of life that are very important to you.) Mark on the scale from 1 to 10 where you feel your life is at at the moment in each category and join these points together. Is you wheel still round? Are some areas getting more attention than others?

Now identify with a different colour the level at which you would like each category to be. Where are the gaps? What areas of your life need a bit more attention? What could you do to fix this?

As for me, I’m now in Canada and hugging my six-week old nephew (who anecdotally was  born on my birthday). I’m a happy aunty! 🙂

6 thoughts on “When priorities lead to surprises

  1. Oh non! Je ne peux pas visionner ta vidéo, Kim. Heureuse de savoir que tu as prise cette décision, toutes mes félicitations les plus sincères à ta soeur! Et avoir su que tu étais dans le coin, on t’aurait invitée à la Spartan Race!!! Ça t’aurait enlevé certains points dans la case Famille, de même que Santé et Finance, mais tu en aurais eu à revendre pour tes cases Attitude et Croissance personnelle! 😉 Profite-bien de ton séjour! Des enfants, ça pousse en vite en titi, et encore plus quand ce sont des nièces ou des neveux!!! 😛

    • Allo Mel, tu devrais maintenant etre capable de visionner le video. Fais-moi signe si ce n’est pas le cas. Jeanne aura une invitation a souper pour toi… Alors on se voit peut-etre bientot! 🙂

  2. Wow! J’étais très contente de te voir merci d’avoir pris cette décision 🙂
    C’est une des choses que je suis contente d’avoir appris de ma famille. Peu importe les décisions elle sera toujours là et pour moi c’est tellement important! J’ai lu une citation l’autre jour qui reflétait bien ce que la famille représente pour moi ”Family, where life begins and love never ends!” Je l’ai transformée en tattoo que j’ai placé sur mon poignet cela me rappelle la chance que j’ai d’être aussi bien entourée! 🙂

    • J’etais tres contente de te voir aussi Amelie. Tu as bien raison a propos de la citation – c’est tellement vrai. J’avais remarque ton tattoo pendant notre discussion aussi… 🙂

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