Happy anniversary!

Happy anniversaryMy baby is turning one today… A year ago, I launched myself on this writing adventure, not quite sure what it would look like, but somehow certain it would be a rewarding experience.

I’ve always loved writing. For eight years prior to Lead Challenge Inspire, most of my writing was confined to PR stuff which is often factual and dry. So when I founded this blog, I wanted to create an escape – a world where I could express myself creatively and freely with boundaries imposed by no one but myself. What I ended up doing was much, much more. Lead Challenge Inspire has added a dimension to my life – it’s given me the support and space to look at life through binoculars; externalise what we often keep to ourselves; reflect on what we sometimes take for granted; voice the invisible and applaud the visible.

I haven’t had too many teething problems so far – untypical of a one-year old, I’m aware. I’ve also received wonderful comments (online and offline), likes and emails. Your support is precious to me. I know I’m not flying solo on this adventure and it feels good to know that people can relate to what I write. So thank you.

Now, despite all the thinking, mindmapping and introspection I do, I still nave no clue as to how this one-year old will develop and grow up. Yet again, a little voice inside of me says that there will be far more anniversaries to come. I hope you’ll still be there to celebrate with me.

Happy anniversary Lead Challenge Inspire!

11 thoughts on “Happy anniversary!

  1. Happy anniversary Kim. I have enjoyed your blog and your bravery for writing it from the outset. I am certain that it benefits more people than you!

  2. Congratulations, it’s great how when you are far away it feels that you still have a real presence here… Love your thoughts, they always help to keep me alert to staying focused, looking forward to seeing you soon xxx

  3. Thank you very much Lucie and Sarah! Always great to see you popping by… Looking forward to catching up!

  4. Je vous avoue sincèrement que vous lire tout au long des derniers mois m’a montré une femme accomplie. Les expériences physiques et spirituelles que vous avez vécues ont trouvé une bonne terre. J’ai vraiment l’impression que vous êtes totalement épanouie. Entretenez encore bien longtemps vos amitiés, vos amours. Vvivez telle que vous êtes! Vous êtes belle!!! Bravo pour votre persévérence.

    • Wow! Merci beaucoup Gilles. Je suis touchee par tant de belles paroles. Je suis en effet heureuse de mon cheminement. Apres tout, il faut mordre dans la vie a pleines dents, n’est-ce pas?! Au plaisir de vous revoir ici. 🙂

  5. Kim, ma belle Kim…Un gros FÉLICITATIONS et je te souhaite une belle année et je sais que tu n’a pas fini de nous épater, je suis très fier de toi et je pense que Gilles a bien résumé ça, il a lu dans mes pensées…..Bonne Chance comme dirait Alain. Je t’aime et que l’aventure continue….car tu nous manques beaucoup !!! xxx 😉

    • Merci ma belle Carole! Comme tu le dis si bien… Que l’aventure continue! Je t’aime fort. xxx

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