A chance to change?

"A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves" - Marcel Proust

“A change in the weather is sufficient to recreate the world and ourselves” – Marcel Proust (photo I took at Unawatuna, a Sri Lankan coastal town which was devastated by the 2004 tsunami – Dec 2012)

Is it ironic that change is the only constant in our lives?

Facebook changes its layout; your favourite cafe changes ownership; your local shoe repairer changes location; your kids change school; the party changes its leader; your supplier changes its prices; the weather forecast changes to ‘mostly sunny’; your organisation changes its structure… Change, change, change. No wonder change management is such a hot topic! Often times, these changes are unavoidable and our choices are restricted to fighting or adapting.

And then come the changes we go through as individuals which might affect our teams, workplaces, careers and whole personal lives. Some are easy to own, others are real battles.

I caught up with a friend yesterday who was telling me about someone who, after 16 years of working with the same employer, quit her job looking for a different challenge. Despite the senior position she held, she’s been finding it hard to find employment due to her reputation as a difficult worker with dictatorship style management. She became aware of this and decided to take the necessary steps to change, but she hasn’t been given the opportunity to prove herself yet.

This story made me wonder… How willing are we as a society to take people out of the pigeonholes we have so easily boxed them into and support them through change? Could accepting someone else’s transformation be a threat to our own comfort? And if so, are we overrating the risks over the opportunities it could present to us – both individually and as organisations?

Keeping an open-mind amid insecurity is hard stuff, I admit. But the beauty of life is that it is merely a series of events – if we realise we’ve stuffed up, we can change it! And most likely, we will have learnt from our mistake… So there’s always a benefit to giving change a chance.

8 thoughts on “A chance to change?

  1. This post reminds me of what Aristotle wrote in his book Rhetoric

    “To change also is pleasant: change means an approach to nature, whereas invariable repetition of anything causes the excessive prolongation of a settled condition: therefore, says the poet, ‘Change is in all things sweet.'”

    Change is the most natural thing in the world. Where we attempt to resist or stifle it we fight against something we cannot hope to change. Great post.

    • Hi Jim. Thanks for sharing such a great quote (it must be why I have a sweet tooth…!) and for stopping by.

  2. Oui, parlons-en des changements….toujours dur à prendre mais toujours plus efficace par la suite….bonne journée Kim !!! je t’aime xxx

  3. Great article Kim!.. what a concept… we don’t like change but as you say can’t deny it’s not a constant… but then we are suspicious that someone can change!

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