Moving on

BraceletsToday, I removed the last of my overseas sabbatical bracelets. They had found their way to me from country to country, encounter to encounter, and had been hugging my wrist and my heart for nearly a year. They were a constant physical reminder of the great adventure that was and the lessons I learnt as I discovered more about the world and about myself.

I will always keep fond memories of the people, places and learnings I’ve experienced through my trip. (And I will definitely be jumping back onto a plane to get a taste of them again!) But enough reminiscing over the past – I’m hungry for what now and tomorrow have on offer. I want to savour every moment and charge fearlessly into the future with an insatiable appetite for life. I want to dream, plan, act and succeed!

Isn’t it when we let go that opportunities present themselves to us? As author C. Joybell C. puts it with so much eloquence: “I lost the world, and gained the universe”. So that’s it, I’m letting go to better move on…

After all, isn’t this the perfect excuse to plan the next grand adventure?! 😉

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