Perfection with shades of grey

The 'not so perfect' wall

The ‘not so perfect’ wall

Generally speaking, I’m the sort of woman who likes to have things done (and dusted!) very well from the get go. Maybe not perfect, but close to. I like jumping onto new and different projects, which means I’m often incredibly keen to get my current ones packed and delivered – with satisfaction guaranteed!

Some life events however require more time or less perfection. Moving in with my amazing boyfriend Dan last weekend happened to be one of them…

Combining homes also meant combining our tastes for home deco, which luckily in this case, seemed quite similar. But when it came down to putting frames on one particular wall, I just felt we didn’t have the right ones in our collection. Dan was eager to get a hook on that wall, but I was torn – torn between the action woman and the perfectionist; the one who wanted to put all the frames up regardless and let them be for eternity, and the other who needed to get it right straight away. There was no shades of grey in my thinking – I had to go one way or the other.

Until he said: “It doesn’t have to stay there forever. Things can change.”

Hmm… right. Things can be moved and change – they don’t have to be perfect from the outset. I had shared a similar lesson with my clients the previous week in regards to launching the first version of their websites, which wasn’t perfect, but good enough. Somehow, I just hadn’t applied the principle into my living space.

It’s interesting how concepts we take for granted in certain situations become foreign in others… until someone helps us turn on the light.

So there it was for me: perfectionism and action host not only shades of grey, but a whole palette of colours.

2 thoughts on “Perfection with shades of grey

  1. I like that hook… 😉 now hang a nice picture of Dan… 😉 have a good time both of you and enjoy the day !!!! I love you xxx 😉

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