Letter to a stranger

I read about this idea of writing a nice letter to a stranger and leaving it in a book on the Project Light to Life blog. I’m a fan of random acts of kindness – anonymous or not – and of course, of writing. So when I read about this concept, I absolutely loved it! I mean… LOVED IT!

It took me a few weeks to get to it, but this week was finally the one. I first chose the book I would insert my letter in: ‘Himalayas’ by Michael Palin. I read this book while I was travelling through Asia, at the very start of this wonderful Lead Challenge Inspire adventure, so I thought it was very fitting for the exercise. I picked up one of my favourite pens – coincidentally orange, the colour of creativity, joy, determination, enthusiasm, encouragement, change and success – and started writing… Inspiration flew.

I was then super excited when I visited my chosen book store, like a child at Christmas! Except, I also felt as if I was doing something sneaky, like taking a forbidden peek at my presents before Christmas morning. I went to the section where I found ‘Himalayas’; bent down to better perform my unsuspected act of anonymous kindness; took a look to my left, to my right; got my folded letter out of my bag, put it in the book, closed the book quickly and stood up as if nothing had happened. As smooth as a kid around the cookie jar!

I left the store incognito… with internal giggles of pride wanting to burst out!

I so wish I could have implanted a camera in that book too…

Want to find out what I wrote to this stranger? Here it goes:

My letter to a stranger inserted in the book 'Himalayas' at an anonymous book store

My letter to a stranger inserted in the book ‘Himalayas’ at an anonymous book store

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