Get set. Run!

Sydney (Australia), 2010

Sydney (Australia), 2010

This weekend, I’ll be running my fourth marathon. This one will be on Australia’s Apple Isle, Tasmania.

Although I’ve had more time to train than ever before, the training has also felt harder – both psychologically and physically. So although I’ve been looking forward to the event, I’ve been more keen on the finish line.

This morning, I spoke to my wonderful mentor and coach who advised me to not worry about the seconds, just run in the moment.

Melbourne (Australia), October 2011

Melbourne (Australia), October 2011

It’s a somewhat challenging advice to take on board for someone like me who likes to win… against myself! But the essence of it – that is, being mindful to my feelings and surroundings – is so important. How often do we wish time away and forget to ‘smell the roses’? How often do we race against the clock without fully living the moment we’re in?

So here’s a promise to myself for the big event: I will run like the wind (as wished by my amazing friend), embracing my surroundings, free of worries and at whatever pace my legs and mind wish to go. Wish me fun! 🙂

I’ll be taking a blog holiday next week (unless I have this urging feeling to log in…). No doubt I’ll come back with fresh ideas, lessons and thoughts to share with you.

Quebec City (Canada), August 2012

Quebec City (Canada), August 2012

Til next time…

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