Laugh it up

After last week’s post on adult’s poor laughing record (15 to 100 laughters a day, compared to kids’ 300 laughters a day), a friend contacted me suggesting I share some ideas on how to bring laughter back into our lives.

I brainstormed (and experimented!) ideas with my boyfriend (Dan) over the past few days. Here are seven tips we’ve come up with to bring your daily ‘laughing average’ up:

  • Loosen up

Being able to find the laughable in a serious situation can be a great way to release stress and relax. Also make an effort to laugh the dad jokes… even better, try making one or two yourself!

  • Drive less

Ever been caught in that cycle of negative feelings – generally frustration, resentment and stress – ruminating to yourself about everyone’s incompetent driving abilities? Driving is no laughing matter… so if you can avoid peak hours, it’ll do your blood pressure and general mood real good!

  • Laugh at yourself
Here's a silly photo of me, taken after my first mouthful of a dehydrated cheesecake... Luxurious camping breakfast!

Here’s a silly photo of me, taken after my first mouthful of a dehydrated cheesecake… Luxurious camping breakfast!

We all do embarrassing or silly things and the best way to turn the ‘awkward’ into a more positive experience is to laugh about it. Likewise, encourage others to laugh at themselves – although make sure you know the person well enough to be able to predict their reaction… you wouldn’t want to turn their smile into anger or tears!

  • Learn a language

Try speaking a foreign language – particularly one with sounds very unfamiliar to you – and practice it with someone who speaks that language… If it doesn’t make you laugh, it’ll certainly do the trick for them. (Of course, if you speak a second language yourself, the scenario could be reversed.)

  • Be humorous

Give yourself a mission to try and bring humour into your life (and your partner’s, family’s, etc.). Pull a face or play sneaky, funny tricks. Here’s one Dan played on his colleague last week: tie a knot in someone’s jacket/jumper sleeve.

  • Pose

Strike a funny pose for the camera and take silly shots. Then go back to your photos when in need of a laugh (i.e. anytime).

  • Seek inspiration

If you don’t want to go to your local comedy club, the internet has plenty of laughable videos, images and jokes on offer.

Now is your turn. What makes you laugh?

2 thoughts on “Laugh it up

  1. What made me laugh…it’s certainly your face in that picture!!!! 😉 You made my day… I love you Kim…. 😉

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