About me

Kim Larochelle - Kosciuszko

Me in Kosciuszko National Park, April 2011

My name is Kim Larochelle. I was born in beautiful Quebec City (Canada) in the early eighties as part of a loving and caring family. I am the youngest of three girls – much to the delight of my sisters who loved using me as their ‘doll’!

Moving on a ‘few’ years… I came to Australia on my own in 2003 to undertake postgraduate studies in international communication. I have loved this country – such a beautiful land of contrasts – from day one. I’ve seen lots of it.

In April 2011, I decided to go solo camping in Kosciuszko National Park for a week. It was a turning point in my life. I used the trip as a time to reflect on my life – where I had been, what I wanted to accomplish, etc. I came back to civilisation totally ‘zen’ (yes, running 21km in ‘altitude’ may have got to my head a little…).

Ever since this trip, I’ve taken time to think about my personal and professional development and about the footprint I want to leave in this world.

If you would like to learn a bit more about me on a professional level, check out Kim Larochelle on LinkedIn. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Where to start? 

To understand what this blog is about, read my first post Going on a life adventure…

Photos on this blog

Many of the photos on this blog were taken with my trusty Canon 60D. To view more of my photos, check out my flickr page.

Why Lead Challenge Inspire?

My personal mission in life can be summarised by: to be the best I can be and lead, challenge and inspire. Therefore, my goal with this blog is to share with you the experiences, learnings and challenges I face during this adventure that is life. I hope to come across awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping and maybe life-changing experiences that will help me lead, challenge and inspire my own life, and, who knows, perhaps your life too (forgive me the touch of arrogance here!)…

My personal mission statement

6 thoughts on “About me

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  2. merci de m,avoir inclu dans ton blog et sois sur que je te suivrai tout au long de ton voyage. Je te souhaite un excellent voyage de vivre pleinement cet expérience…bonne chance ma belle…..je t’aime xxxxx


    • Merci ma tante! Je vous garderai tous dans mon coeur tout au long de mon voyage. Je t’aime fort. xx

  3. Tu m’inspires tellement ma belle kimi! Tu as toujours été un exemple pour moi! J’ai hâte de te suivre dans cette belle aventure! Je t’aime

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